Tuesday, May 1, 2012

definitely want to be a mermaid!

this is a gorgeous book!  received mine yesterday and it's just stunning. 

coming back, and going for it!

hello blog, i'm back!
and i'm GOING FOR IT.
i'm taking back my power. 
in every way.

*i've launched a 6-month gluten-free period starting today, and i hope in doing so to cure my hashimoto's thyroiditis.  i've been researching a lot and there's some amazing findings about gluten and auto-immunity.
*i've been drinking fresh veggie juices daily for lunch, even on weekends at my part-time job.
*speaking of my part-time job that has become like a full-time job...i'm about to shake things up in that area too.  i need the money but i need the time at home with my family more...can't wait to have time to garden, cook, take a walk or bike ride and maybe even nap!  i'm manifesting a whole new way of bringing in the money i need. 
*i'm determined to stop the snack food madness.  i've amassed some lovely alternatives to my favorite bad boys - reese's pb cups & cheetos puffs - and will start with allowing myself to have those guys only twice a week to start.  i've been trying the cold-turkey approach for a year now and that keeps backfiring on me!
*i'm choosing to be happy, no matter what comes my way. 
i'm really excited to get this party started, and i'll keep a running log of my progress here.