Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Dreaming Again!

Sitting in the sun at lunch, with a little lizard friend you can just barely see in the picture (on the wall, upper right corner), dreaming about going to Integratrive Nutrition school and doing what I love.
Very exciting!

Last night I took inspiration from Katrina Rainoshek's posting about green soups and made the most amazingly yummy soup to have for dinner tonight...threw in carrots, celery, yellow bell pepper, garlic, dill, cilantro, lime, lettuces and baby greens, avocado, and a tomato. Blended them coarsely in the Vitamix. mmmmmmmm can't wait to get home for dinner! I'll garnish it with some microgreens and chopped onion & avocado. Here's Agwe loving dill & green energy soup!:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Best Valentine's Day Ever!

My guy is the BEST. Sunday was perfect :) I got to sleep late (I was really sick at the end of last week); the beautiful sun came out and it was warm enough to wear shorts; we went to the steam room; came home for a wonderful long bike ride around the neighborhood, during which we went by my old house and I got to say a little more "goodbye" and it didn't really hurt to be there anymore... then we went to the Edwards Cinema, had a yummy dinner at Harlow's and saw a movie (An Education). Then back to our lovely home...and on top of all of that, Boyfriend kitty is feeling so much better! A truly wonderful day. Thank you!!!