Wednesday, July 27, 2011

latest and greatest!

i am on a spiritual bender, and loving it!

reading books by louise hay, listening to poems by rumi set to music, meditating to a deepak chopra cd, and learning tai ji with this amazing man:  chungliang al huang via the magic of youtube videos. 
i've got clean eating going on too, thanks to the rawfully organic co-op, and am fired up to re-start my healing protocols for my gallbladder & thyroid.  starting august 1 i am going gluten-free again, and eating nothing but raw living foods for a month.  going on vacation in september so i'm inspired to get super-clean before then, so i can eat whatever i like during that time.  which will mostly be super-clean anyway! 
also i've begun spending time meditating, doing affirmations & being alone in nature daily, and i feel so very much more calm & happy.  and i have to say, i have the most wonderful books in my home library!  i re-discovered this one the other day and it is truly amazing:  embrace tiger return to mountain, by chungliang al huang.  beautiful and inspirational!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Raw Results Initiative update

On the Raw Results Initiative program I have started, this week's theme is movement.  I just watched Dara's video about exercise which was really fun and reminded me that the "gym" is all around me, and movement can happen anywhere, anytime, in any combination...that's really exciting!  I'm inspired to put the fun back into exercise, like when I was young and the best thing in the world was to climb a tree, bounce a ball, ride my bike or roller skate around the block.  I'm going to make bouncing on my rebounder my go-to morning ritual, along with my hot water & lemon drink. 

Eating mostly raw foods is the easy part of this program, as I was really already doing it, for the most part.  Cutting out coffee...that's the hardest part.  The first 2 days of not drinking my morning cup and a half caused brutal headaches.  Both days, I defaulted at lunch and went for a Starbucks (soy hot chocolate, nothing on top)...but it was too late to stop the headaches.  Funny how you don't realize just how addicted you are to something until you try to stop it.  So today I had my lemon water and a good breakfast, and 2 hours later 3 sips of coffee here at work, just to keep the headache from happening.  I work two jobs and cannot get a migraine today.  The coffee tasted AWFUL, lol - so that's a good thing!  I think I need to find an alternative, milder source of caffeine and wean off more slowly, since I can't just take time off and go through a tough detox at home.  Slowly, slowly...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Best Salad Ever

made this last night, inspired by a video by Dara was so yummy.  also made a dressing from tomatoes, basil, avocado, salt & pepper. 
and dessert!  so proud, i did not give in to my cravings for reese's peanut butter cups...instead, i blended blueberries, nectarines, peaches & frozen bananas in the vitamix:
delicious & totally satisfying!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


so, i know that life isn't about material goods and we shouldn't get attached to things.......but i just can't help it...i'm in love with otis. otis is the BEST drinking glass i have ever met.  so good that i am now drinking a huge amount of water all day...before otis i was only drinking water before and after work.  thank you, crate and barrel! 

oh, yummy!

I'll be trying this one on the weekend for sure! 
Thanks Dara!

Raw Food Results!

Well I'm officially gettin' my glow on...I'm taking part in an 11-week raw food initiative hosted by the lovely raw food goddesses Dara Dubinet and Penni Shelton.  Check it out, over at Penni's Raw Food Rehab website.  I've been avidly following Dara on Facebook and when she announced this program I knew it would be an awesome thing for me to do but I just didn't think I could make time for it...but today I decided to take a leap and go for it.  Yay me!  ;)  In honor of starting this program I sat in the sun for 10 minutes at lunchtime and ran over to Whole Foods to pick up some greens.  I'm really excited to make more changes and feel even better.  Let's go!!