Friday, December 26, 2014

project 2015

my 2015 = life, love, creativity, family, health,
& attention to every moment.  
right now.  no more waiting.
this is my year.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

omg omg omg!

look what i did today!  i started on my path!!!!
thank you for the inspiration, joy!

i am really happy.  almost as happy as this!  but not quite as happy LOL.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Joyfully Green Photo Class Shout-Out

Joy Sussman, you rock!
What an awesome photography class. 
I am feeling so very much more creative, and excited about the future!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

getting there


letting go

i need these things so very world has become incredibly noisy lately.  literally.  all day, every day, nothing but big-city human noise - mostly construction.  at home, at work, driving in-between.  everywhere i turn there is construction; even at the park!  ALL the parks!  i'm all for progress, but we never seem to "get there".  i dream of just sitting in silence, hearing the birds and the wind in the trees.  our man-made noise seems to drown out all of nature, and i'm longing to feel part of the whole again. 

i'm currently taking a wonderful photography class, and i'm reminded that the act of photographing the world around me helps me experience the underlying calm...when i slow down to see, prepare and execute the shot, i re-join the slower-moving world that lies beneath our self-conjured sound & fury.

and the low-key rhythm i find there fits and feels so right. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a new year?

to the human mind, it's a new year.  a fresh start.  time to set up the coming year and maybe do a little better for ourselves than last year. 

to the plants, animals, earth, and multiverse, january 1 was just another rising and falling of the sun. 
i'll admit, i'm with them...for the true me, the constructs of clock and calendar make no sense, and days simply flow like a river. 
but i'll join my species in wanting to actively create a really nice future, so this post is all about my plan to set that in motion!
i've nearly recovered from a crazy holiday season, a trip to the frozen northeast and a lovely illness picked up at work.  i've already started the first two components of how i'm changing in this new year:  work less, and get a handle on finances.  i realize those two don't seem to go together!  but they must, and it's going well on both parts!  next up is a commitment to an even deeper level of health. 

currently i'm participating in the Rawfully Organic 21-Day Challenge.  while i'm working on my gallbladder health i can't eat only raw food, but i'm filling my days with delicious fruits and veggies more than ever.  currently i'm eating buckwheat cereal for breakfast with my various gallbladder-healing supplements mixed in, a large fruit smoothie mid-morning (bananas, blueberries, cherries, dates, pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice!), soup for lunch, vegetable juice in the afternoon, a salad when i get home and something awesome for dinner like vegetable soup or stew or grilled veggie wraps, with some veggie side like green bean casserole (green beans, mushroom gravy and spices) or steamed broccoli.  if there's time for dessert i've been having apples that i cooked in my crockpot:  cubed apples, raisins and cinnamon.  so that all sounds AMAZINGLY healthy.  BUT.  i'm still stuffing myself with crackers and bread.  and it has to stop.  because of course, if i eat the bread i'm too full to eat much of the good stuff.  and bread is a known cause of gallstone formation.  and gluten is a known cause of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which i have.  so my one tiny vice that really isn't a vice, has to go.  happily i am finding wonderful alternative snack options in the beautiful Fresh Energy Cookbook by Natalia Rose and Doris Choi.

i've also been bringing yoga back into my days, and am really thinking about doing the Blissology Project, which would be awesome for many reasons:  to commit to and complete something just for me, to get great exercise, and to get blissed out...the project is all about slowing down, feeling grateful and experiencing life at nature's pace.  i like it! 
after the Blissology Project i have my eye on this gorgeous dvd, Earth Body Yoga: