Friday, July 15, 2011

Raw Results Initiative update

On the Raw Results Initiative program I have started, this week's theme is movement.  I just watched Dara's video about exercise which was really fun and reminded me that the "gym" is all around me, and movement can happen anywhere, anytime, in any combination...that's really exciting!  I'm inspired to put the fun back into exercise, like when I was young and the best thing in the world was to climb a tree, bounce a ball, ride my bike or roller skate around the block.  I'm going to make bouncing on my rebounder my go-to morning ritual, along with my hot water & lemon drink. 

Eating mostly raw foods is the easy part of this program, as I was really already doing it, for the most part.  Cutting out coffee...that's the hardest part.  The first 2 days of not drinking my morning cup and a half caused brutal headaches.  Both days, I defaulted at lunch and went for a Starbucks (soy hot chocolate, nothing on top)...but it was too late to stop the headaches.  Funny how you don't realize just how addicted you are to something until you try to stop it.  So today I had my lemon water and a good breakfast, and 2 hours later 3 sips of coffee here at work, just to keep the headache from happening.  I work two jobs and cannot get a migraine today.  The coffee tasted AWFUL, lol - so that's a good thing!  I think I need to find an alternative, milder source of caffeine and wean off more slowly, since I can't just take time off and go through a tough detox at home.  Slowly, slowly...

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