Wednesday, September 30, 2009

waiting...thinking...starting over?

Since my car crash a month and a half ago, I've been doing some thinking: about life and about choices...mine, of course. And I've been doing some waiting - I've looked around a bit at cars in my price range, but nothing has been right, and something in me keeps hesitating. I found myself really questioning the choices I have made in my life up 'til now, but J. rightly pointed out that it's just no good to go around lamenting your life. So I guess that all adds up to, time to make some changes! I am thinking a lot about slowing down, being part of the world around me, paring things down. I'm feeling really positive about giving life as a one-car family a serious trial run. J. and I can ride together most days...the metro bus runs an easy line from close to the apartment to just outside my workplace...the Vespa idea is still in play....and I have become totally enamored of the concept of commuting on a bicycle.
These 2 blogs have me kind of bewitched:

J. and I both are in love with the Pashley bicycles - photo is Pashley Princess Sovereign (belonging to

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