Thursday, April 22, 2010

My letter to Mama Earth

Mama Earth,
I was born into this life completely in love with you and all your beautiful aspects. No leaf, sprout, grain of sand or tiny insect escaped my notice and adoration. Growing up I spent countless hours outside, soaking you up with all of my senses. To this day it is to you that I turn in times of trouble, when I am completely overwhelmed by this human life. 20 years ago I was lucky enough to go to a marvellous Earth Day celebration in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I delighted in the excitement of the tribe, the desire to take immediate action to care for you. 20 years later, I sit in my office in Houston, Texas on this Earth Day staring into my computer, cut off completely from your life-giving sun, pushing paper from your beautiful trees all for the financial benefit of another...and I wonder what happened to my intense loyalty? When did the earthsong in my heart go silent? When did I pretend to stop feeling every crime against you deep in my own bones? When did I forget that action is the expression of self? I came here with so much purpose and passion. Today I am remembering my heart's passion is rekindled and I turn back toward the original meaning of my life with Joy. You give me my wondrously beautiful life...I will from this day on do my very best to give you yours.
All love,
your wild earthchild

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