Monday, May 4, 2009

A lovely celebration!

We had a wonderful evening yesterday, celebrating love! Got dressed up and went to India's restaurant - truly amazingly delicious food! And immaculate service. Happiness!
Ok on the health & nutrition front: I found a new cookbook at Border's last week that I bought so I can appease J's sweet tooth: "Babycakes", a vegan, gluten-free & mostly processed-sugar free cookbook of amazing-looking baked goods by the Babycakes bakery in NYC. Can't wait to get started! We tried a few new things over the weekend: almond butter from Living Tree Community, which is prepared in a special way; nama shoyu, which is raw soy sauce, and Quite Cheesy kale chips, which are crazy-amazing-good and truly taste cheesy. All 3 were wonderful! We ate brown rice, sauteed mushrooms & asparagus for dinner Saturday night, and used the nama shoyu as a dip for the asparagus. Yummy! I soaked pecans overnight and made a really nice raw "porridge" Sunday morning from my Cafe Gratitude cookbook "I Am Grateful"; it featured pecans, apple, strawberries, coconut milk, vanilla & cinnamon. J. added toasted flax crackers with melted almond butter & a drizzle of raw honey, and voila, a truly lovely "raw" breakfast! I also made a batch of almond milk, which I am currently enjoying in a smoothie I made for Monday breakfast. Next up I will try making ice cream using the rest of my almond milk & some frozen strawberries, and I have recipes for a dill & hemp dip and vegan nachos in the lineup. :) I'm super-excited!

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  1. Nama Shoyu is by far the most amazingly fresh tasting soy sauce!