Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vegan Nachos - 100% Awesome!

Last night we made The Most Awesome Nachos Ever...all vegan :)
Can't believe we didn't take time, for sure.

In order, from bottom of bowl: low-fat tortilla chips / rice cheddar cheese / vegan green chile fat-free refried beans, heated up / picante sauce / freshly pressed garlic / freshly chopped lettuce / freshly chopped tomato / freshly chopped avocado / Tofutti brand vegan sour cream

The picante sauce & beans were on the spicy side, so didn't add jalapenos.
Wow. Just, Wow.

Ok, in other food news, I'm SO EXCITED that tomorrow night we're going out to eat & I'm finally answering the call of my long-time craving for veggie loaf with mushroom gravy - mmmmmmm. And I'm gearing up for the Adventure Cleanse over at Crazy Sexy kicks off May 11.

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