Friday, December 18, 2009

Hello Again!

What a long hiatus I have taken from blogging! Time to start up again. Lots happening as the year comes to its end...I have moved into a cute little house with my love, and it's so very wonderful! A happy house of love :) I'm finally healing from my accident, and there will much family doings with my daughter & her boyfriend visiting for the end of the year and my mother coming in early 2010. President Bartlett is growing like a weed and delights me with his crazy kitten antics! J. and I have gone vintage bicycle crazy, and I bought him a 60's Raleigh Sports 3-speed for Christmas. I will be starting a nice long Juice Feast in January, and coming off juice onto a high-raw, gluten-free vegan diet. From all my research I have great hope that this process will really turn the tide on my autoimmunity and that pesky gallstone. I have hesitated to consider juicing in winter, but now I see it as the perfect time to rest and hit the reset button.
Oh, and we had Snow!!!

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