Monday, December 21, 2009

Living foods are happy foods!

Sprouts will be ready tonight! Finally got to resume sprouting at's so much fun! I'm using Sproutman's hemp sprouting bags - they are wonderfully easy to use! I had a lot of trouble sprouting in jars last year at J's apartment - all my batches rotted early on, probably because it was hot and stuffy in the apartment (Houston summers!). As it is now winter the jars would probably be fine, but I purchased the hemp bags last year and had not gotten to try them yet. I give them a big thumbs-up! My first two sprout batches are alfalfa and clover. They are beautiful! I also soaked almonds last night and will make a batch of almond milk after work tonight. And last night J. and I made a big batch of Living Hemp Dip, with avocado, broccoli, tomato and naan for dipping. So good! I LOVE getting back to working with living foods in my new lovely home. I'm a very happy girl. :)

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