Monday, November 11, 2013

mama earth calls to me

there is a thread weaving through my life right now that is making itself heard more and more: earth. 
soil, plants, the life cycle, and my place within it.
i wanted to capture a few of these disparate threads and get them pinned down in a blog post, because they are truly clamoring now for my attention; and as serendipity is wont to do, they are flooding in with perfect timing - seemingly unbidden but quite obviously exactly as planned. 
photo:  katie hess, lotus wei

in the above photo, katie hess is living the life i once lived, and the one i still do in my head; immersed in nature, observing and being at one with it. 
let's look at a word that keeps popping up in my world with increasing frequency:  biodynamic.
from the Crofter's Organic website:
"Biodynamic agriculture strives to transmit the life-giving forces of nature through foods which are grown by working with the rhythms of the earth and the cosmos. The forces of nature are captured in quality foods with character to feed the body, mind and soul. Biodynamic practices use the most sustainable methods of agriculture and support fair trade principles."
this strikes me as a manifesto too for whole living, not just the food aspect but EVERYTHING.
when i read articles like the following two, i am flooded with the word YES, and that marvellous gut-level feeling of something fitting absolutely perfectly.
how fun is it to contemplate gettin' down and dirty in the real world as a panacea for the modern allergy epedimic?  :)
one of my favorite authors on the subject of biodynamic life is Prince Charles.  His books The Garden at Highgrove and Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World are truly wonderful.  here is an exerpt from a Huffington Post article about Harmony:  "The universe displays evidence of a "grammar of harmony," Prince Charles asserts in his new book, "Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World."  In the book, the heir to the British throne shares his belief that mankind's most pressing modern problems are rooted in our disharmony with nature, and that we can solve them by regaining balance with the natural order."

and just to put a momentary end to an endless topic, i'll close with personal favorite Alys Fowler, whose videos on gardening literally get my heart pounding with longing to be able to follow suit:

here's a link to a page of several Alys videos:
enjoy perusing the many links above, and let's talk about what all of this means to us...i for one am slowly but confidently putting together a picture of how deeply this river of land and life runs through me, and how rich the rest of my life could be if only i can heed its call...



  1. I agree with so many of your sentiments. A deep love of the earth is the same reason I started my blog/fb page. if only everyone cared a bit more. I had no idea Prince Charles is a tree-hugger, too!

  2. Beautifully written. I feel the same way about the sea--called to it. Someday (less than a year from now!) that will be our way of life again.