Sunday, November 10, 2013

the acupuncture clinic is my opium den

this is the phrase i had in mind as i left my acupuncture session last friday.  it's an amazing experience, so relaxing and not a little other-worldly.

i've never actually frequented an opium den, but i have read books!  and the description fits: addictively, happily floaty.  i admit i will be sorry when my course of treatment is over!

my doctor says she is altering my energy, to be able to deal better with my stress.  to be able to be more peaceful and happy.  in other words, to take it down about a thousand notches.  and it really does work, against all my logic!  the trouble always begins when i leave the clinic.  i always have things to do.  so many things.  i try to do them slowly, but all that running around leads to a feeling of imbalance.  i know if i would just go home afterward and rest, it could be even more healing.  and when i say imbalance i mean literally off-balance, like as if one leg is much shorter than the other, which makes you feel slightly dizzy.  i have a session next tuesday, and this time i will take my own advice by going straight home afterwards and taking it easy.  we'll see how that alters the experience.

today i had a lovely calm sunday at home.  i cooked food for the week, cleaned a bit, and relaxed with my husband.  i adore sundays!  oddly (not!), many of my physical pain symptoms disappeared with the rest period i had today.  i begin to believe that it's true that stress kills, and i've been making myself a victim for far too long.

next up, the great challenge of finding more time of rest than just sundays.  can i do it?  stay tuned...


  1. I don't know why (mostly) we women do that! Heaven forbid we take the time we need to heal!

    I hope you do take your own advice next time - it is good! ;-)

  2. Kat, those little pockets of peacefulness are rare indeed, aren't they? I know exactly what you mean--we wake up rested, or meditate a bit, only to dash off to a day full of errands. So counter-productive to our relaxation efforts!

  3. Acupuncture is wonderfully relaxing.