Monday, January 2, 2017

2 days in...

Well, day 1 of 2017 was spent with a migraine, the third day of a 3-day migraine to be exact, so it wasn't quite what I had hoped.  I did manage some decluttering and a walk with my husband so not a total loss!  Today is my last day off and day 2 of the new year, but I wasted / spent half a day stuck in my car in a storm, with floodwaters too deep to drive through.  But now it's sunny, I'm home, and I am going to do some yoga and meditating to reclaim the day.  

I loved this post by Cait Flanders.
I too have been overwhelmed by social media lately.  I always feel like a failure when I see everyone's beautiful posts of their perfect lives; where is my perfect expensive home and beach vacation?!  Conversely some posts just depress me with the horrors of reality (animal abuse, Syria, politics...).  Cait reframes the new year possibilities into slower living, which suits me just fine.

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