Friday, January 13, 2017

January has certainly gone the way of most Januaries...all resolutions have fallen by they wayside as the new year tumbles along just like the last one, unencumbered by the concept of a full stop and new beginnings.  I suppose we make the mistake of thinking that just dreaming of such a re-boot will make it reality.  But there's drudgery to be done behind the dream!  I haven't done the physical work of stopping to re-start.  I just expected it to happen and experienced true surprise when it did not :/  
It's beginning to become apparent that it's incumbent upon me to actually stop the movement, set the intention and proceed in a new way.  I read something in my Global Tea Hut magazine that really struck a chord, about Korean monks growing and producing tea as "an important part of their self-cultivation", and I realized immediately that the whole huge missing link I feel is that I want to dive into self-cultivation.  I only practice other-cultivation, but I long for self-cultivation.  Looking at my lists of things I want & plan for, they all speak of self-cultivation.  They are the things that I don't manage to continue, or even begin.  But I've been given another day, in which to try again.  
I think I'll do just that.  

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