Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

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Last night I had time to go through my recipe books and make a list of all the ingredients I will need to make some uber-delicious sounding & very healthy meals next week. That made me happy! J. and I have cause to celebrate some wonderful news, so I am breaking my JuiceFeast at the end of this week. I'll start transitioning on Thursday, in order to be able to go out to eat & to a movie on Sunday :) :) :) Wonderfulness! I'm really excited. I will have JuiceFeasted for 18 days. Wow!

So my plan is, juice it up through Thursday, Friday green smoothies and a light soup for dinner, Saturday green smoothies, hummus and a thicker soup, Saturday I'll make a breakfast cereal from my cookbooks and have a juice for lunch and brown rice with mushrooms and a steamed vegetable for dinner. Green smoothies are just juice that hasn't been's blended veggies, leafy greens & fruits in a smoothie format.

Today I juiced:
*apple / grape / blueberry / lemon / ginger :)
*spinach / apple / parsley
*celery / cucumber / garlic / romaine lettuce / tomato / basil / jalapeno :)
*msm w/ lemon water
add-ins: maca / Vitamineral Green / kelp granules / dha / hemp oil / E3-Live

Still feeling great; have lots of energy today.

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