Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Week JuiceFeasting!

Today is officially the one-week mark on my JuiceFeast! :)
I am feeling really strong & good. Seeing enough changes to want to continue for a while. The pic is me with a stuffed giraffe at a conference I attended last year, haha! Last night I juiced some oranges, had some mmmmmmm delicious coconut butter, & J. & I went shopping for more vegetation. Tried Kroger this time, definitely won't be going back there for these items. So far, Whole Foods surpasses everyone else for produce. In a pinch, Randalls will do; they have a growing organics section, but the quality is kind of poor. And Central Market has lots of veggies but few organics. After my feast, we are going to the Asian market so I can try durian for the first time! Today's juices are:
raspberry / watermelon / apple / lemon / ginger :)
apple / parsley / spinach (aka "the pipe cleaner")
celery / dandelion / cucumber / mixed lettuces / cilantro / garlic / kale / carrot / tomato
And all the usual suspects:
maca / Vitamineral Green / kelp / E3-Live / hemp oil / DHA & MSM water w/lemon
It's another pretty day here, hope to get outside with my kitties mid-day.
I just learned about Bioresonance, and its use in comforting people who are in pain or dying. Extremely cool!

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  1. I can confirm that Kat is feeling strong. she beat me arm wrestling three times and usually I win at least one ;)