Wednesday, April 22, 2009

JuiceFeasting Day 8

Funny how, I no longer think of days without juice prep & drinking! At this point, I wouldn't even think of stopping...we'll see what tomorrow brings ;) Also, I just can't seem to stop making enough for 2....hahaha. Let's see...yesterday was crazy-busy and stressful, so it's a great thing that I am juicing or I wouldn't have eaten a thing all day. I have lost 4 pounds so far. The main change has been, my hair is getting really wavy, an unexpected but most welcome new experience! My juices for today are:

*apple / grape / lemon / blueberry
*tomato / basil / garlic / jalapeno / romaine / cilantro
*mixed lettuces / carrot / celery / cucumber / dandelion / beet / pear / watercress
*and of course: MSM water with lemon / maca powder / kelp granules / Vitamineral Green / hemp oil / DHA / E3-Live

Today is Administrative Professionals Day and my boss just surprised me with awesome special gifts! I planned to be a Marine Biologist doing field work and I had an approximation of that for a short time...I never planned to sit at a desk and do secreterial work. But, days like today make it worthwhile, knowing I have brightened someone's day & lightened their load, and that they appreciate me. What a happy day! :)

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