Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 3

Pic is of a park in Big Sur, California. :)

Wow, ok....spoke too soon! Detox mania last night. I won't list everything ;) but suffice to say everything they say happens in detox, happens in detox! I'm proud though to say that I didn't throw in the towel, I'm determined to keep going and get past this into the wonderfulness. I know I have a few days to go in this phase, too...patience.....THANK YOU David & Katrina Rainoshek, Kris Carr, & Angela Stokes for providing so much information & knowledge...without them I would definitely not be trying to achieve my best health. Inspiration is a great thing! Other fantastic resources for me have been Tony Robbins, Matt Monarch, David Wolfe & Mike Adams. Wonderful people! Check out their work when you get a chance. So, last night I juiced oranges after I picked up my car from the shop, then ran errands. Felt pretty bad, so made the last juice of the day a comforting one: tomato / green leaf lettuce / garlic / basil / cilantro / pinch of sea salt / pinch of cayenne with Earth added in. Yummy! Then a cup of Good Earth tea.

This morning, we made way more juice. 2 quarts of red leaf lettuce / green leaf lettuce / carrots / watercress / celery / cucumber / red bell pepper / radish / kale / apple / pear with maca powder, Vitamineral Green, kelp granules & hemp oil added in. 1 quart spinach / apple. And the most exciting (& expensive) juice I've made to date: raspberry / watermelon / lemon / ginger / apple mmmmmmmmm can't wait. MSM / lemon water & a cup of green tea started the day.

I've just read about an exciting adventure on Kris Carr's blog...a 28 day Adventure Cleanse to start within the next couple of months...sounds wonderful and perfect timing for me, coming off my Juice Feast! Kris ROCKS. Check out the posting at

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