Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feast Breaking

That's me & my guy, on a recent trip to Florida!

Howdy! I'm breaking out into solid food yeeehaw :)
It's time to stop juicing for a little while, so I can eat out this weekend in celebration! You're SUPPOSED to slowly come out of juicing with blended juices, greens....yikes. I did good at first: blended juice & light soup (the soup, btw, was Yummy! I simmered vegetable broth - Imagine brand - with a large piece of Kombu seaweed, and added garlic, onion, Bragg's aminos & hot pepper sesame oil. mmmmmmm.) But then, the darned simple processed carbs sang their siren song and Boom, I was chowing down on bread & hummus. Really good hummus. :) Still having juices during the day; tonight's meal will be marinara on kelp noodles, and tomorrow night we will have brown rice & steamed vegetables. So, it's not ALL bad. I'm making good on my commitment to try to eat 80/20 (80 % raw, 20% cooked), and I made sure to eat some greens with my meal last night. On May 11, Kris Carr's Adventure Cleanse begins...I'll be part of that, with a commitment to eat 80/20, or raw until dinner...and NO processed white sugar, NO processed white flour, NO oils other than olive, flax, hemp or coconut. It's a 28-day cleanse program that also involves juicing every Wednesday (or whatever day you choose), and you can read about it at Somewhere in there J. will JuiceFeast for a week in preparation for his annual physical & blood profile, so I'll be joining him in that. Next JuiceFeasting go 'round we'll keep the juices more simple...I tended to concoct drinks too full of variety. Simplicity is the key. I did manage to get processing time down from an hour and a half to just one hour in the morning - veg. prep at night helps. I'll need to drink more additional water, I was kind of bad about that. And last night while working out, I was reminded of how much my joy in life is connected to my ability to move & groove, so we re-committed to staying active and working out more during the week. On a lark I decided to do something I've read about as being really healthy, and I've seen other people doing it but never thought I'd bring myself to do it too - I hopped from the mucho caliente hot tub to the really-kinda-chilly swimming pool, and back again - twice! A little hot / cold therapy for the immune system. And it was way fun! :)
Yay for new experiences!

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