Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wow, I can't believe it! Day 5! And things are going SO well :) J. is breaking his feast today, but said this morning that he can't imagine going back to life without these juices...YAY! I am feeling incredibly good - and my skin is amazing...I keep staring at my hands when I'm prepping vegetables, thinking, wow, how can there be such a difference? Courtney Pool has it right..."Radical Radiance" for sure! Many things are changing for me; I'll do a detailed list soon. My scientist brain hesitates to get excited too quickly! So, I'll keep JuiceFeasting for a while to get more proof ;)

Today's feast:
tomato / basil / cilantro / romaine / celery / jalapeno / garlic / spices ... mine juiced, J's blended
for feast-breaking
romaine / heirloom lettuce / celery / cucumber / bok choy / dandelion / beet / carrot / broccoli
sprouts / sunflower sprouts
pineapple w/ core MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM crazy good
MSM water w/ lemon
add-ins: hemp oil / flax oil w/DHA / kelp granules /Vitamineral Green / maca powder /E3-Live

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  1. Feasting was fun and tasty and I am so glad Kat let me share this with her. I will continue to make juices a part of my diet and for all those wondering the only detoxing event I had was slightly tender kidneys. Coming off the feast was easy as well so for all those thinking of trying juice feasting I say go for it.