Monday, April 20, 2009

It's definitely a Monday

long day at work yesterday, detox symptoms last night, woke up late this morning! BUT, managed to juice:

apple / grape / lemon
kale / mixed lettuces / carrots / celery / cucumber / ginger / parsley / bok choy / apple /
red bell pepper
watermelon / cherry / blueberry
& the usual add-ins + msm water

today, just not feeling like drinking anything :(
in better news, i'm in love with the most awesome man on the planet :)

ok to wrap this day up: i drank all my juice! yay. detoxing away today, but that's a good thing. and it's a beautiful day here in houston, so all is well! going home to do a brief workout & visit the steam room & hot tub...and dream about all the lovely live food creations i'll be concocting soon! last night i had out my cookbooks...ani phyo, cafe gratitude, gabriel cousens....can't wait!

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