Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Global Juice Feast


I'm on day 2 of my Juice Feast; if you haven't heard of it: I am Juice Feasting to "go further"! I have a couple of major health concerns that I want to address in the feast: a large gallstone from a lifetime of eating SAD (Standard American Diet) that the only offered treatment for is surgical removal of the gallbladder, and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (autoimmune disease of the thyroid), which is conventionally only treated with medication to sustain hormone levels. I believe this feast, if done long enough, and subsequent lifestyle changes will re-set my physiology and give me the gift of perfect health. And the cosmic consciousness doesn't hurt! :) I plan to eat mostly a living foods diet after the feast...I've been building up to this way of eating for a couple of months and LOVE it!

Here's my post from day 1:

Day One of my Juice Feast! My guy is feasting with me too, for a few days - yay! Yesterday we went to Central Market and loaded up on veggies...I have never seen so many vegetables in a shopping cart in my life. We made a lovely farewell dinner of portobellos, asparagus, avocados &....tater tot crowns! Well, we wanted to eat them before feasting, so they wouldn't call to us from the freezer! Ate way too much and ended up feeling really happy that the feast was about to start ;) This morning we drank our MSM water w/ lemon and juiced about 3 quarts each...we will make our fourth quart for dinner, after work. Used a vitamix and nut milk bags. It took only about an hour, which surprised me because I really didn't do enough prep work. Here's what we created: celery / cucumber / parsley / romaine lettuce / red leaf lettuce / carrot / apple / lemongrape / applecelery / cucumber / parlsey / romaine lettuce / red leaf lettuce / carrot / apple / tomato / beet / radish / cayenneSo far so good; I am having herbal tea to combat the enticing smell of coffee here at work, and J. reports turning down breakfast tacos & strawberry shortcake at his office. Woot!

And about today:

Things are going really well. Last night J. and I juiced oranges after work, had a great workout & hit the steam room, went home and had a last juice of celery, apple, spinach & carrot (with 1 tsp. Earth added in)...and a cup of Sleepytime tea. I did a lot of prep-work before bed, which made this morning SO much easier. Which is good because we had to take my car to the shop! So today's juice for the workday is: 2 quarts each of celery / cucumber / tomato / apple / pear / romaine lettuce / red leaf lettuce / kale / / radishes / carrots, with hemp oil, E3-Live, maca powder, Vitamineral Green & kelp granules added in. Also 3/4 quart each of pineapple juice. And of course, we had our MSM / lemon water while juicing. Some detox symptoms coming up, but fairly mild so far. :)

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