Friday, April 24, 2009

Ah, cravings!

(That's Boyfriend kitty in the garden)

All this time with no food cravings, but 10 days in and I got 'em, big-time...for veggie meatloaf and mashed potatoes! And last night, for no apparent reason, for refried beans. My whole life I was crazy for carbs. Nothing's more comforting than processed simple carbs...right?! After I went veg, I pretty much lived on processed carbs. That was something like 25 years ago! I only really started eating vegetables and fruits in any appreciable amount about 2 1/2 years ago, and now, on my JuiceFeast, I ONLY shop the produce section. It's the most wonderful revelation. And yesterday I missed my cooked carbs, but not enough to want to change anything. This adventure just keeps getting better! The benefits of the JuiceFeast are amazing: I have lost almost all the extra weight I have carried since I was 15, my skin glows, my crow's feet & some of the extra lines on my face have disappeared, I'm eliminating waste from all the years of SAD eating (Standard American Diet), I'm loving learning about the diversity of incredible vegetables & fruits, and about nutrition and hair is thick and oddly, getting curly?!!...I feel light and, when I get enough sleep, energized. I've had NO trouble with my gallbladder, and I've reduced my thyroid meds. And I'm only 10 days in...I can't imagine going back to my old ways. I plan to eat an 80/20 vegan diet when I end my fast. That's 80% living foods ("raw") and 20% cooked (like, vegetables, brown rice, quinoa). I've got incredible cookbooks with amazing recipes for totally healthy treats, so I won't have to do without desserts :) Every recipe I've tried from raw food sites & blogs and my recipe books has been truly wonderful.

Ok enough about the wonders of JuiceFeasting. Juices today:
*spinach / apple
*rasperry / apple / grape / watermelon / ginger
*carrot / mixed lettuces / watercress / radish / pear / celery / cucumber
*lettuce / tomato / basil / carrot
MSM water w/lemon

No add-ins other than E3-Live...didn't feel like having anything extra or any spices.

ps: JuiceFeasting ROCKS!


  1. What a wonderful photo, you have a great eye.

  2. I've been thinking about going vegan for a while now, if only to help reduce the demand for animal cruelty... I LOVE meat... But the things that meat companies do to animals to supply us with a totally inferior means of nutrition (albeit a tasty one) make me sick to my stomach. Good luck with the diet :)