Saturday, April 25, 2009

My girl rocks!

I've got the best daughter in the whole world. By the way.
:) LOVE her.

Working my part-time job this weekend and drinking my juice.
Yesterday was a BAD day :( lots of stuff went wrong and i didn't drink more than a glass and a half of my juice. and only one glass of water. Doing much better today.

*apple / grape / blueberry / lemon :)
*tomato / mixed lettuce / carrot / bok choy / cilantro / sunflower sprouts / kale / cucumber / celery :)
*add-ins: hemp oil / dha / kelp granules / maca / Vitamineral Green
*msm water w/ lemon

I figured out how to keep my added powders from clumping! I left some juice in the bowl after pouring half in jars, added the powders & oil, then used a whisk to mix it all up and added it to my jars. Yay no lumps!

Ok for those who are wondering, what I'm doing is called a Juice Feast, and you can learn all about it here:

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